Southeast Spanish, Inc.

Certified English, French, Portuguese and Spanish Translations, since 2007

24-Hour USCIS Birth Certificate Translation, All 50 States

We offer Spanish to English and English to Spanish Translation, Portuguese to English, French to English and Italian to English. On average we translate fifty to one hundred birth certificates from Spanish to English every week. We always charge $49 or less for your acta de nacimiento, partida de nacimiento, certificado de nacimiento, registro civil de nacimiento. Whatever you call it, we can translate it, and it is 100% guaranteed.

(877) 374-0095 (office), (877) 376-2085 (cell)


One of our specialties is the translation and certification of birth certificates for USCIS. 

Since 2007, we have translated over two thousand birth certificates for USCIS and many other agencies, and not one has been rejected for a translation issue.

Our process is simple:

  1. Scan, take a picture and email, or text your birth or marriage certificate to us. Email:; Text: 865-300-3662
  2. Once we receive a copy, we will confirm the rate, which is typically $49 for the translation, which includes the certification process for USCIS. First class shipping is included; expedited shipping is available for an additional $7.
  3. We will send an e-invoice via PayPal (, which allows you to pay using your credit card or another form of payment. PayPal will ask for your shipping address and provide it to us. (If you'd like to begin now, feel free to click the 'Buy Now' button below to pay for your translation.)
  4. Once paid, we will translate and mail a copies of your certified translation in less than 4 hours. Additionally, we will scan and email an electronic copy to you, which is an acceptable format for USCIS submission
  5. If you ever need additional copies, we will be glad to send them to you for no additional charge. 
  6. Your completed translation package will include the following:
    • One copy of the translated birth certificate (certified, stamped, signed).
    • One photocopy of your original birth certificate (certified, stamped, signed).
    • One copy of our original certification letter, which is valid in all 50 states and overseas.
    • An invoice marked as paid, which will serve as your receipt.

Acta de nacimiento de Mexico
Sample of a Birth Certificate from Mexico